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May: *moaning* Yeah, everything's ready. Oh, Brian!
Brian: What?
May: You'll gonna have to assume to your individual position.
Brian: I don't want one position, I want all positions! *dives down*
May: *moaning* Ah, Bri...!
*few minutes later*
May: *moaning* AH, oh, Brian!
Brian: You look super sexy to seduce! *dives down again*
*some more minutes later*
Brian: Nah, nah, nah! I swear, I swear! I never felt this way before, with a sexy woman.
May: *blushes* Really?
Brian: YEAH! *dives down again*
*some minutes later*
*Brian reached behind May & undo her bra while kissing her breast*
May: Right there. Oh, please right there, please right there. Oh, please yes, oh yes!
*May's legs rise slowly & spread wider*
May: *moaning* Ah, ah, ah, ah! *tilts her head back* All right, big boy! Breed me! I want us to have a baby together.
Brian: Breed you, huh! *inserts his penis in May's vagina & starts thrusting into May*
May: *moaning louder* AH, AH, AH, AH! Breed me harder.
Brian: Like it hard & fast, do we?
*few more minutes later*
May: Cum inside me! *moaning* Cum inside me!
*more minutes later*
Brian: I'm about to cum. May, are you sure you want me to cum in you?
May: Do it in me! AH! I want to be filled to the brim! AH! Fill me with every sperm you got!
*May screamed with ecstasy as her womb was filled with Brian's seed*
*May's legs descend*
May: Oh, Brian! You filled me with your sperm. I'm definitely gonna be pregnant! *noticed Brian's hands on her Belly Button as she blushed with a man that filled her* Go ahead! Tickle my belly Button.
*Brian tickled May's Belly Button which made May feel ticklish as his sperm finds it's way to her eggs*



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