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Posted on 2017-08-02 06:12:18 by Karina

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Lucky Naruto! Only if I were him here, I'd get EXTRA naughty and pick up those shorts she removed and sniff up their intimate areas while we get it on with a night of hot springs 'fun'! She needs to bathe, no doubt she's been in the field for days with those shorts writhing up on her, I can just begin to imagine how stinky they must be! In fact, here's a speculative description of what odors/stains I'd expect to flow through and ravish my nostrils, making me cream her multiple times:

Sakura-chan's bike shorts, crotch area: Honestly, knowing that she's both a virgin here(that is she was saving it up for Sasuke but has obviously given up and decided to give it to Naruto),and has spent days on missions with little to no hygienic attention(really who is going to wipe when there are both enemy shinobi about and there's NOTHING to wipe with?)I'd expect to encounter a sharp, naturally sour stink of sweat infused pee rising from a brightly yellow stain mixed with some clear sweat based ones. She has her temper and aggressive outburst, I will expect to find that unique coppery odor courtesy of her period and possibly that brownish reddish stain mixed in with the rest(that will certainly be present, knowing her tactical finesse she likely times her missions to coincide with her menstrual cycle to be extra aggressive in the field), in conjunction with that I don't think I'd find anything tampon related since she doesn't seem like the type who'd want to be uncomfortable with one scratching/rubbing her maidenhood while executing her flexible moves(she likely only wears them in her off time in the Leaf).

Sakura-chan's bike shorts, ass area: Again, since she's obviously been on missions for the leaf involving days of stealth and combat with hygiene being a distant priority for obvious reasons, I'd expect a fairly strong, musty stink rising out of a brown skid mark mixed with some dingle berries AND sweaty aroma mixed in. I MAY encounter a sweet perfume based odor too since knowing Sakura, she may occasionally spray some between her cheeks to keep fresh, but yet again that perfume may give her away in the field so it'll be a stinky affair in general.

In all I'd fuck Sakura-chan like a champion while sniffing her shorts, between losing my virginity to the girl I love(and claiming hers)and her sour spandex infused feminine/hygienic odors flowing through my nostrils, I'd cream her dozens of times if not more! I'll be sure to keep her shorts dry and safely discard them on the dry floor once we've become one by morning, I would ask to keep them as a souvenir and for later sniffing, I'm sure she'll says yes after thwacking me on the head and calling me a perverted baka! I'm certain she owns several pairs and (erotic) varieties of spandex shorts so I don't think it'll affect her wardrobe much anyway.