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Posted on 2018-10-13 05:22:17 by Any_character

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If I were in her company here, I'd happily suckle those epic tits for her richly sweet milk before rubbing my face into those succulent abs and FINALLY, simply sniff up her tight Amazonian pussy for the rest of the day! I can just smell that distinctly sour and natural Swiss Cheese like pee stink flowing into my nostrils from those virgin(she follows mistress Harribel's no male relations philosophy) lips, no doubt she's worked up a nice odor after a long day of sparring/training(knowing her she does that even on vacation)! Since she has her temper I'd also expect to encounter that unique coppery scent courtesy of her period, but given how jovial she seems, it'll likely only be a bitter Swiss Cheesy aroma! I'd also ask her to rub her plump chocolaty ASS in my face too, can only imagine what stinky scent is oozing from it, I'd ask her to let loose some farts every now and then, Mila-Rose seems the type whose ass stink and farts are EXTREMLY musty and nasty! My balls would be aching and draining sniffing her womanly areas.......