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Posted on 2015-09-02 11:47:18 by DrunkenPumken

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MMM, I would like to sniff the crotch/ass parts of their respective panties when they dump them to wash after they clock out for the evening! Imagine the odors they'll leave on them after a long day of waiting and toilet breaks!

Here's a detailed odor anticipation description:

1. Nemu: I'd likely get light whiffs of musty, slightly Swiss cheesy piss odor, while her ass will leave a slightly sweet, slightly stinky odor.

2. Retsu: I'd probably get a slightly fishy sweet odor(sweet because of her OBGYN),while a soft/musty, yet stinky fragrance from her ass is expected.

3. Isane: I'd expect a moderate pissy stink courtesy of her pussy, while her ass will likely be a bit stinky.

4. Rangiku: TBH, given her habit of having dicks pounding her on a regular basis, I'd anticipate a sharp, sour fishy/yeasty stench ALONG with that stinky crumble chees odor from vaginal discharge, her ass will likely have a moderate-strong slightly sweet stinky scent.

5. Rukia: She must have that natural, stinky piss odor coupled with that sharp yet smooth stinky scent.

Add some crotch/ass sweat AND that musty coppery odor courtesy of their periods, yup, I'd be cumming silly from all those feminine/hygienic odors mixed with the spandex from the panties! Wonder if they'd also leave pieces of or complete tampons that they've had stuffed up their snatches for days/weeks? That would be a bonus!!!