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Posted on 2016-02-05 17:04:11 by DrunkenPumken

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I'd so love to sniff the crotch and ass parts of each of their bloomer thongs now that they're done working out for the day! Imagine how nice and smelly they'll likely be after writhing up on them like that after working out and toilet breaks in between!

Here's an odor type anticipation chart:

1. Soi-Fon, crotch: light-moderate cheesy piss stink, ass: light stinky sweet odor.

2. Rangiku, crotch: sharp sour fishy/yeasty stink(she seems to sleep around a lot), ass: moderate-strong sweet slightly stinky scent.

3. Orihime, crotch: slightly pissy sweet musty odor, ass: light stuffy sweet odor.

4. Harribel, crotch: strong bitter piss stink, ass: sharp sour ass stink.

I'd also be expecting that musty coppery odor courtesy of their periods, but in general their natural feminine stinks and other odors should make me jizz myself many times!

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hmm, part of me wants to cringe in disgust yet the other wants to nod in approval and join in Anon^. from the looks of it I'm positive Rangiku wouldn't mind given how pervy she is, not sure about the others tho...........

Posted on 2018-01-16 07:02:30 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
lol both your asses would be down seeing stars faster than you can say 'stinky gym thongs'!
but I agree, Rangiku would prolly just hand em over with that goofy grin and play with herself while watching you sniff them. She seems to be THAT kinky a woman

Posted on 2018-01-17 01:59:54 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
I'd simply wait for them to drop them in a laundry basket all safely. Personally I'd get Orihime's and Harribel's. hope top Anon is right because I like me some sweet and sour funk.

Posted on 2018-01-24 18:39:17 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
Seriously you all are gross^. Who the fuck would want to smell panties let alone soiled gym ones!?
sure these four are beyond cute and sexy, but I wouldn't want their foul feminine or hygiene based odors anywhere near my nostrils!

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I would seriously sniff the crotch/ass areas of those bloomer thongs now that they're dumping them to wash after the gym! Imagine the feminine/hygienic odors and stains that'll permeate them after they've been writhing up their respective asses/pussies after a day of working out with toilet breaks in between!

Here's a detailed descriptive list of the type of hygienic/menstrual based stains and odors I'd expect to find, making me erupt with each sniff:

1. Soifon: She's a dedicated virginal ninja, I'd expect her tight pussy to leave a moderate-strong piss stink with a brightly yellow stain, given her temper I'd expect a light coppery odor with some redness mixed in at the crotch, but, seeing her here, I believe the pee stink will be far more prominent. Meanwhile, I'd expect her to leave a light slightly sweet, slightly stinky odor in the ass area with one or two dingleberries.

2. Orihime: She's a typically clean, cheerful and innocent girl who uses soaps/perfumes, I'd expect her virgin crotch to leave a mixed light scent of sweetness(courtesy of whatever perfume she's wearing),some pee and a hint of that Swiss cheese like odor with a lightly colored yellow stain combined with clear ones from her perfumes. Given her happy state here, I don't think I'd find anything menstrual related. I'd expect her ass to leave a very moderate musty, sweet scent with a hint of fading stink, there will likely be no skidmarks or dinglberries(obviously).

3. Harribel: Knowing she's the virgin queen of Hueco Mundo due to her 'no male relations' philosophy, I'd expect her maidenhood to leave a strong, naturally sour piss stink with brightly yellow stains accompanying the odor. Her being an arrancar, I don't know what to expect menstrual-wise, but I'd anticipate it in it's red/coppery glory. I'd expect a strong bitter/musty stink courtesy of her ass with accompanying brown skidmarks(in general, I'd expect Harribel to be as immodest with her hygiene as she is with her dressing habits).

4. Rangiku: Knowing that she regularly hard fucks any(attractive at least) dude who catches her fancy while off duty(she may have even fucked some muscle head as her pre workout warm up), I'd expect the crotch portion of her thong to stink strongly of that rancid/sour fish stench coupled with those cottage cheese like stains from vaginal discharge(she seems to queef a lot for obvious reasons). I wouldn't even expect much menstrual related from her given the sheer amount of activity her loose snatch is subject to. As for her ass, I'd expect a moderate-strong mixed odor consisting of both stink and sweetness(she seems the type who uses perfumes on occasion).

Add crotch/ass sweat, those distinct musty sweet odors from whatever tampons they're wearing, yup, I'd be cumming like silly sniffing those bloomer thongs in the laundry! Maybe they'll leave pieces of or the whole tampon all stained brownish red/yellow! They would be collectible bonuses, but knowing Rangiku, I will probably have to toss hers out with gloves due to it likely being soaked with semen from her latest conquest.