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Posted on 2016-02-25 08:45:30 by DrunkenPumken

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MMM, I'd take turns suckling their respective tits for their unique milk before moving down to simply sniff each of their muffs here! Can only imagine what powerfully pungent and unique feminine/hygienic aromas are present, equal parts sweet/sour! In fact here's a detailed description of the composition of the odors that I'd expect to flow through my nasal passages:

Rangiku's pussy: Since she's a proven sex crazy bimbo who regularly hard fucks ANY attractive hunk who catches her fancy(especially while off duty in the human world), AND who plays with herself while bored in between paperwork, I'd expect my nostrils to be ravaged by a strong mixed odor consisting of that sour fishy/yeasty stench and carpet cleaner coupled with a noticeable musty sweet scent courtesy of her likely SPECTACULAR and frequent OBGYN treatments. I may also encounter that musty rubbery and lubricant based smell since I'm sure she encourages prospective partners to use condoms(alternatively I MIGHT also encounter the stink of rotting semen from her latest conquest since she seems the type who gets off on getting deeply creampied). Since she's regularly fucking around on a whim I won't expect to encounter anything menstrual related, given the sheer level of sexual activity she engages in it's safe to say her period is a rare occurrence, she may even use kido spells to suppress or control it in order to stay on top of her sexual escapades.

Orihime's pussy: Since she's a virgin(this is obviously pre epilogue Orihime) who tries to keep it on the clean side by bathing and using perfumes whenever possible, I'd expect to encounter a fairly moderate pungent sweet scent with possibly a fading hint of naturally musty pee musk mixed in. I won't expect to encounter anything related to her period(she's generally in a bubbly and fun mood, she also seems the type who'd stay home when her cycle begins, she wouldn't be here in Las Noches).

Tier's pussy: Knowing she's certainly a virgin(she follows a strict mantra of no relations with men) and likely doesn't wipe well since, being in her position of power, she's more concerned with maintaining peace/order in her realm(including engaging in battle and sparring with her Fracciones to be in tip top shape), I'd expect her tight maidenhood to exude a strong, naturally sour stink of Swiss Cheese like pee musk that may also have a slight tinge of sweat mixed in(I'm sure she sparred with her subordinates to demonstrate her power to Rangiku and Orihime here). Since she seems to be getting somewhat agitated or impatient, I'd DEFINATELY expect to encounter that unique coppery odor courtesy of her special womanly cycle(knowing her strategic genius, she likely times her battles/sparring sessions to coincide with her menstrual cycle to be EXTRA aggressive and forceful).

In all between their rich titty milk and feminine aromas, my pants will be perpetually sticky and my balls achy! I will also ask to keep whatever tampons they'll undoubtedly have plugged up their snatches, they will be bonus collectables! I'm sure they'll let me have them, Orihime to change it, Rangiku because of her perverted nature and Tier because she likely sees it as unnecessary and undignified to wear one. Here's a description of what state I'd expect to find them in:

Rangiku's tampon: Honestly, knowing her I will likely have to dispose of it with gloves since it'll likely be drenched with the semen from her most recent bedroom 'tussle'.

Orihime's tampon: It'll likely be relatively intact, it's perfume still prominent and only a light yellow stain exuding a light musty pee odor.

Tier's tampon: It will certainly be ready to toss out and replace(knowing Tier however, there will likely be no replacement), it's perfume replaced with the combined stinks of Swiss Cheese and copper both rising out of a reddish-yellow stain.

Yup, I'd be cumming and puking left and right whiffing up their feminine funk! Tier in particular seem to have an especially stinky aroma between her legs, though I won't doubt the other two!!!